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Window Christmas Decoration


As Christmas approaches it is time to begin decorating for the holiday! We decided to decorate our windows using our very own decals and supplies that we came across at Target. 


You will need mini spheres, starry lights (led lights), and tinsel garland. We decided to use a custom lettering for "Merry Christmas", Santa Sled, & Snowflakes design pack


1. First drape the garland above the window and secure it to the top using tacks or push pins. Depending on the length of the garland, you might have to cut off the excess unless you want to wrap it around the entire window.

2. Wrap the lights around the garland and secure the excess with push pins on the side of the window. We did this because the lights we used were 7 feet long and was not enough to wrap each window but if you use longer lights you can wrap them around the entire window.

3. We cut our Santa Sled in half and placed one half on one window the other on the next. You don't have to split it if you only have a single window. 

4. We then placed the letters one by one to make them look like they are hanging from the garland. 

5. Lastly, we scattered the snowflakes throughout both windows for the finishing touch! 

We recommend using darker colors instead of white for your decals, as you can see they are difficult to see from the outside. 


December 08, 2015 by Dee-cal Frenzy

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