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Why decorate with decals?
Perfecting your home decoration is closer than you think. Whether you want to add finishing touches to a room or take on a new project, vinyl decals are here for you!


1.    Endless Creativity

Decals can be found in an array of designs, colors, materials and sizes. With the immense amount of variations, anyone can create a unique space. Decals can be applied to surfaces such as walls, doors, mirrors, windows and furniture. With the possibility of applying them to your preference, there are great opportunities to show your creativity.


2.    The Perfect Match

Incorporating decals to your home décor may just be the final touches needed to fill in those blank spaces. Coordinating decal quotes, patterns or floral designs is effortless with the variety of designs and colors available.  


3.    Make It Your Own

Decals may come in selections, but if you have ever had difficulties finding the perfect design, look no further! Customizing a design is certainly possible. Having a reference image facilitates the process. It is also important to be as detailed in your request by providing measurements, font names and even the desired layout for a design.


4.    Removable but Durable

The advantage of decals over other wall decor is that they do not leave permanent damages on surfaces. Decals are self-adhesive and do not require screws or nails to apply. This makes it ideal for decorating walls in apartments, dorm rooms and offices. Even though they are removable, if well taken care of, they are made to last!




 ▲ Handmade

▲ Cut to order

▲ Made from high-quality vinyl

▲ Matte finish

▲ Customizations available













December 07, 2017 by Dee-cal Frenzy